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Aging well should not be a privilege

24 June 2024 • NEWS

The elderly represent the fastest-growing age group in Europe. Currently, one in five Europeans is 65 or older, and by 2050, this proportion is expected to rise to nearly 30%. The issue of aging is frequently at the center of public debates, as elderly individuals face social isolation and precariousness.  

For the past decade, Groupe SOS has been dedicated to the care of elderly individuals, regardless of their journey, financial means, or place of residence. The aim is to ensure that everyone can live in the best possible conditions, whether in a facility or at home. 

Groupe SOS, a major field actor for the elderly 

Groupe SOS innovates to provide quality care both at home and in its facilities. For those gradually losing their autonomy, Groupe SOS offers high-quality services in its nursing homes, featuring stimulating and non-infantilizing activities. Teams ensure the maintenance of family connections, in continuity with their home environment. With 114 facilities and services, 6,000 elderly individuals were housed in 2023. 

For those able to stay in their homes, Groupe SOS helps them maintain their independence through home meal delivery services to prevent malnutrition, home help and support services, and intergenerational housing to alleviate the loneliness that comes with social isolation. 

Addressing difficulties and exclusions   

To address the exclusions and difficulties faced by elderly people, Groupe SOS is committed to innovation and action. One significant measure is the implementation of the solidarity extra-rent in its facilities, which ensures fair housing costs. Rents are adjusted according to each resident’s income, with higher earners subsidizing those with lower incomes. 

Combatting social isolation 

Furthermore, Groupe SOS is actively combating social isolation and loneliness, which are prevalent among the elderly and have detrimental effects on their mental and physical health, as well as their overall quality of life. Groupe SOS calls for prioritizing the fight against social isolation by scaling up effective interventions. 

A universal right to age well 

Groupe SOS’s latest proposals focus on helping elderly people maintain their autonomy for as long as possible while enhancing their social lives. With increased life expectancy largely due to medical advancements and improved living and working conditions, it is crucial to ensure that these years are lived well. Groupe SOS’s initiatives reflect a commitment to making aging well a universal right, emphasizing the importance of social inclusion and equitable access to resources for all elderly individuals. 

Taking a stand! 

On June 2024, Groupe SOS has published 11 recommendations addressed to the public authorities and other actors of the silver economy. As a field player, Groupe SOS has been observing in France the impact of public policies on seniors’ well-being. That’s why Groupe SOS is taking a stand to change our society and to ensure that aging well remains a right accessible to all.

Some of Groupe SOS’s recommendations: 

  • Make the fight against social isolation a priority
  • Streamline the healthcare pathway for the elderly  
  • Ensure enough professionals in facilities serving the elderly
  • Support the promotion of sustainable actions and the integration of renewable energies in our facilities  

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