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Culture is on a daily basis at the heart of the Group, which acts as a think & do tank supporting creation through innovative places of cultural production and experimentation for all, integration, cultural entrepreneurship and citizen participation through reinvented media and education to the arts and to a critical approach of information for the youngest.



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Our Mission Statement for Culture

For Groupe SOS, culture allows us to see further, stimulates our minds and brings delight in our perception of the world. It brings about openness, freedom and equality. It is therefore useful, necessary, vital and essential.

However, we are aware that culture unfolds in an environment and context undergoing extreme shifts. The cultural sphere is of course historically very well financed by public funds in France, which is an extraordinary opportunity. However, that can also be a hindrance to the development of out-of-the-box initiatives or actions. We are convinced that this single model tends to perpetuate paradigms that need to be questioned and reinvented.

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Our commitments and actions for culture

Le Laboratoire des publics

Conceived as a support program, the Laboratoire des Publics promotes access to creation, artistic expression and works of art for those who are most distant from cultural opportunities, which is the case of a lot of beneficiaries of Groupe SOS’s structures. Le Laboratoire des Publics experiments possibilities and implements various projects at the heart of creation in all its forms: artist residencies, intergenerational actions, guided tours, show circuits, artistic practice workshops, discovery of cultural places…

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Building new spaces of cultural production and experimentation


Le Troisième pôle

This cultural engineering agency assists public and private players in the development of cultural projects, combining the rationales of common good, artistic creativity and regional development.


Commune image

Located on the outskirts of Paris, Commune Image is a sate-of-the-art cinema and virtual reality factory. It is a major hub for independent cinema, and brings together a community of writers, directors, producers, entrepreneurs, technicians, distributors and broadcasters.



H7 is the hub of digital innovation in Lyon. A flagship of the French Tech, it is housed in a former 5,000 sqm boiler room and includes 350 workstations as well as an event hall.



Creatis supports companies and committed players working in the media and culture, all over France.


Le Jardin des métiers d’Art et du Design (JAD)

The JAD offers professionals a unique place for creation and emulation located in the heritage listed buildings of the former National School of Ceramics of Sèvres.


La Citadelle

Located in the heart of Marseille, the Citadelle, better known as Fort Saint-Nicolas/Entrecasteaux, will gradually open its doors to visitors starting spring of 2024. The full site will be accessible in 2030.


Involving citizens at the heart of education to the arts and culture


Acta Vista

Since 2002, ACTA VISTA has been developing integration and work training projects in the field of ancient construction crafts, dedicated to people most distant from employment.


BAO Formation

BAO Formation is a training organisation specialised in the creation of educational engineering in construction, construction site security and high demand industries lacking training offers.


respect – Education aux médias

respect is a media deploying media education workshops in France and Europe, both in schools and in the socio-cultural field. Its educational actions thus help train a new generation of critical and enlightened citizens with regards to information.


Share, explore and shed light on today’s issues



The media that gives a voice to those committed to the respect of others, of differences and of the planet.



#UpConf is a series of events taking place several times a month, which explore and shed light on specific themes through either an exchange of ideas, a debate or a collective experience in order to review the challenges of our changing times.