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Groupe SOS Solidarités

Groupe SOS Solidarités is a major player in the social and medical-social sector in France. Its mission: providing practical and innovative responses to the challenges of solidarity, to ensure that no one’s story is over.

Solidarity means developing appropriate actions for those to whom society does not always give a rightful place: people suffering from addictions or violence, migrants and refugees, homeless people, sex workers, people living with HIV, people with disabilities… Groupe SOS Solidarités works against all forms of exclusion, and unconditionally assists people to become autonomous, according to the founding principle “A society for all, a place for everyone”.

Groupe SOS Solidarités is one of the founding organisations of Groupe SOS.

beneficiaries in 2021
facilities and services in France and overseas


Groupe SOS Solidarités offers flexible assistance solutions adapted to all ages and all forms of disability. We promote the autonomy and self-determination of the people we support by calling on the resources of each individual. We are committed to creating environments conducive to their physical, mental and social well-being. Our facilities are open to the outside world and are also places where families, caregivers, professionals and our partners can meet and work together.

Housing and health

We welcome unconditionally any person in a situation of psychosocial, financial or housing difficulty. We offer people comprehensive or specific social support, assistance with care, as well as adapted accommodation or transitional housing solutions.

Asylum and integration

Through our facilities and services, we promote the harmonious integration of people in exile by assisting them with their asylum procedures, guiding them towards access to legal advice and healthcare, housing and employment.

Training and employment

Our services offer personalised support for people who are distant from employment and help them muster their abilities and skills, particularly through digital inclusion programs.

Women’s health

Women are more affected and more durably impacted by precariousness, suffering more from poor housing, low-skilled jobs, neglect of healthcare, isolation due to the amount of responsibility in single-parent families, etc. The resulting precariousness affects their self-confidence and self-esteem and is an obstacle to activity and employment. To help these women gain access to care and employment, we offer solutions adapted to their specific needs.


The development of legal expertise was born out of the desire to make the treatment of vulnerabilities a powerful lever in the action against recidivism. It takes into account any ongoing legal procedure, so that it does not hinder the person’s recovery process nor cut them off from support.


Through our facilities and services, we strive to offer the best possible response to the problems faced by people suffering from addiction. We work on prevention, care, social and work integration as well as risk mitigation. We also offer housing solutions as part of the care process.

Community health and the fight against discrimination

We support those who are often vulnerable and stigmatised: LGBTI+ people, sex workers, prostitutes, people living in exile, etc., by offering prevention, health promotion and comprehensive support for people living with HIV or viral hepatitis, and populations at risk of contamination.