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The conviction of Groupe SOS is that companies are an effective lever for change. With the support of the many innovations emerging within them, companies must be a source of progress in addressing the social and environmental challenges of our time. As places where individuals interact daily, get to know each other and develop vocations, they also play an essential part in the integration of everyone into society. Companies are therefore vital social hubs, both through employment and the reach of their activities. This is why Groupe SOS is redefining the raison d’être of business to give it a purpose: positive impact.


Experienced in the art of entertaining, refined by the know-how of its chefs and its sponsor Thierry Marx, Té gastronomy stands out for its creative and conscious cuisine, that has a positive environmental and social impact.

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Le Pavillon Elysée Té

The Pavillon Élysée Té welcomes the most intimate of receptions as well as the most connected events in a modern and elegant setting.

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L’Usine Té

The Usine Té is a restored former factory. Its industrial style and luxuriant vegetal decoration create a unique atypical atmosphere.

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A pioneer on the fair-trade market, Altermundi works with a hundred suppliers, selected for their ethical approach and values, in 5 different segments (Fashion, Kids, Gifts, Home, Wellness). Today, Altermundi has 12 stores in Paris, 1 in Bordeaux and 1 e-commerce website.

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Located on the banks of the Seine in Paris’ 1st arrondissement, Scilicet is a unique place with a festive and friendly atmosphere. This bar stands out for its sustainable and environmental commitment: beers are local or organic, wines are 100% organic, dishes are homemade with fresh products and beef has been taken off the menu.

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Oméga Restauration

Oméga Restauration is a social integration company that puts its catering expertise at the service of public and private facilities in the health, medical-social and educational sectors. Its ambition is to promote a traditional, tasty and creative cuisine by favouring local quality, fresh and seasonal products.

TAA Services

TAA Services is a multiservice company that offers a wide range of activities to professionals and individuals in the Picardie Maritime region: housekeeping, green spaces, laundry and dry cleaning, industrial subcontracting or temporary work. A local company, TAA Services also acts in the field of integration through economic activity.

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Wimoov’s ambition is to assist regions and vulnerable people move towards autonomous, sustainable and green mobility. The organisation offers a range of solutions to ensure that mobility is no longer an obstacle to professional and social integration.

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AIPI is an organisation whose goal is to promote the social and work integration of disadvantaged people through economic activity and access to housing. Its activities unfold across three axes: the production and adapted management of low-cost social housing through rehabilitation leases, vocational integration on construction sites and the fight against substandard housing.

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An organisation committed to facilitating dialogue within companies, Astrées deciphers the evolution of work and employment and disseminates innovative social practices in France and Europe.

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A pioneer in sustainable development, Auxilia is a consulting firm that assists regions in their environmental and social redirection policies.

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Ultra Laborans

Ultra Laborans is an exploration and consulting agency committed to the metamorphosis of regions and organisation, an expert in corporate deliberation and transformations in the workplace.

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