Students and graduates

Students and graduates: you are the key players of the coming decades. This is why Groupe SOS makes it easy to acquire the work experience and skills that will help shape the world of tomorrow.

Our teams regularly welcome people who want to immerse themselves in the world of the social and solidarity economy, through various schemes: 

  • Civic service; 
  • Internships with assignments as diverse as all our specialties; 
  • Block release training; 
  • 4th year work placements for secondary school students 
  • First jobs. At Groupe SOS, young age is no barrier to taking on responsibilities!;
  • Industrial research training agreements;
  • Incubation and acceleration of social business creation projects. 

One of our convictions is that working with the most vulnerable, future generations and regions requires genuine skills, which are developed at all levels of our organisation, from the field to support functions.

Groupe SOS recruits 1,000 block release trainees

Block release training at Groupe SOS gives you every advantage! We recruit all kinds of skills, whatever your level of study, in mainland France and the French overseas departments. Doing a block release programme (under an apprenticeship or professional training contract) with Groupe SOS gives you the chance to receive efficient training, to feel valued and integrated during your training, and to find a job at the end of your course. Do you have a project? Would you like to train or join an organisation? Our entities can welcome you!

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Join us for a civil service!

Since 2012, Groupe SOS has been working with the Agence du Service Civique to help young people get involved in serving the common good. Aimed at youths between the ages of 18 and 25, and up to 30 for those with disabilities, this is a “win-win” scheme, promoting vocational integration and the development of civic-mindedness. All Groupe SOS entities can involve young people, to an even greater extent than before, in a wide range of meaningful, hands-on and diverse missions! Want to get involved? Come and join us!

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Start your caeer with Groupe SOS

Develop your skills in a caring culture 

Working for the Group gives you the opportunity to learn from the experience of our teams, put your theoretical knowledge into practice and develop new skills. 

Today, we have genuine expertise in more than 450 trades. As with all our employees, we are committed to the well-being of the young people we take on board. In practical terms, this means benefiting from strong local management and a caring culture. 

Enjoy the job opportunities and benefits of a large group 

If you gain work experience in one of our entities, you will then be able to access hundreds of recruitment opportunities in a wide range of sectors. Take on responsibilities, move to a different organisation, sector, audience or even job. Groupe SOS can offer a wide range of mobility and development opportunities! 

Why wait to be useful? 

Groupe SOS is committed to recognising the talents of its employees, without discrimination of any kind, including age. We are not afraid to give responsibility, even at the start of a career, to those who are willing to take them on. Joining Groupe SOS means you can quickly give full rein to your talents! 

Today’s society is full of challenges… to which you can already make a significant contribution! 

Are you looking for your first job, a block release scheme, civic service, or an internship? 

Join us!