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Groupe SOS is a non-profit group and Europe’s leader in social entrepreneurship

Groupe SOS, founded in 1984 during the AIDS crisis, is a major non-profit force of social cohesion, both in France and worldwide.  

Groupe SOS is mainly active in the fields of solidarity, youth, health and senior citizens, managing facilities for marginalised people, as well as day-care centres, hospitals and nursing homes open to all, guided by the belief that these sectors should not be profit-driven.  

Groupe SOS is aware that exclusion takes many forms and is therefore also active in the areas of ecological transition, regional exclusion, sustainable businesses and culture for all.

By addressing a wide range of issues and providing support for all kinds of people, especially the most vulnerable, Groupe SOS stands out for its boldness and ability to innovate. At present, it has no match among non-profit organisations in terms of size, scope, and range of operations.  

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Our missions

Combat all forms of exclusion

When crisis hit, never let anyone fall by the wayside, whatever their challenge.

Make the voice of field players be heard in the public debate, as well as what is truly happening on the ground.

Take action so that all people have their basic needs met

Meet the needs of people and regions to create a fairer, liveable and sustainable world.

Stay close to field work in order to bring tangible help, all over the world.

Innovate on social, societal and environmental issues

Constantly improve the quality of our support and take our planet into consideration across all human activities.

Prove that society can undergo a positive and profound change.

Groupe SOS’s history

Since its creation almost 40 years ago, Groupe SOS has had one single ambition: to give a global response adapted to individual issues and bring about a fairer society. From the original organisations in Paris and Marseille to the present-day Groupe SOS working in more than 50 countries, here is a chronology to better understand the group’s history.

  • 1984

    When it all began

    The first page of Groupe SOS’s history is written. An organisation is created to develop programs to help people suffering from addiction.

  • 1986

    Taking a stand against AIDS

    SOS Habitat et Soins is born to respond to the AIDS crisis. It offers new and diversified answers, especially housing solutions for people suffering from poverty or chronic illnesses related to AIDS.

  • 1988

    The children, their past, their future

    Groupe SOS opens La Corniche in Marseille, the very first program to help underaged drug addicts. This centre offers personalised support, favouring sustainable social inclusion.

  • 1995

    Building the core of the group to solidify its structure

    The Groupe SOS real-estate cooperative is created. By owning the buildings it operates in, Groupe SOS ensures the durability of the activities of its organisations and that their beneficiaries receive the very best accommodation. In addition, the original organisations get together and pool several functions (HR, accounting, legal, finance…) into cross-organisational head-offices.

  • 2001

    Work integration, head-on

    Nobody is unemployable. Given how widespread unemployment is, Groupe SOS, within its integration businesses, develops work integration programs through economic activities.

  • 2005

    Assistance from the very first steps into life

    Start of early childhood support activities. Groupe SOS is the first NGO creating nurseries where both the public and children with disabilities are welcomed in the same facilities. Caring for children implies caring for their parents as well, especially among underprivileged families.

  • 2008

    Healthcare for all

    Groupe SOS successfully takes responsibility of a hospital facing financial difficulties. Since then, to respond to the widespread care deserts phenomenon, it has shown it is possible to offer excellent healthcare for all, regardless of their level of income, pioneering the model of private not-for-profit hospitals.

  • 2010

    Inciting social entrepreneurship

    The NGO PULSE is created to assist social entrepreneurs in France and worldwide in inciting and growing innovative solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges.

  • 2011

    Taking up the challenge of old age

    Groupe SOS decides to take up the challenge of old age, probably one of this century’s most crucial issues. It welcomes, assists and supports the elderly, fostering their autonomy and well-being.

  • 2012

    Expanding worldwide

    Groupe SOS, aware that some issues extend beyond France’s borders, welcomes and assists NGOs that operate among local players in more than 50 countries and thus consolidates its international action.

  • 2017

    Committing to a sustainable, fair and responsible society

    Groupe SOS adapts to respond to new issues. New activities are structured in the domains of culture, environmental transition and regions.

  • 2020

    Infusing all players of society

    Groupe SOS aims at building solutions to develop and improve local life, especially in rural areas and poorer city neighbourhoods. Each area is unique, but their needs are often similar: promote social ties and economic vitality.

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A novel organisation favouring co-construction and synergies.

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Economic model

For nearly 40 years, Groupe SOS has built a pioneering organisation with shared management skills, enabling it to fully embrace the ambitions of the Social and Solidarity Economy.


Sustainable Development Goals

Helping to build a more viable, liveable and equitable world. Sustainable Development is therefore a common thread running through all our actions, at every level of the organisation.


Map of our facilities and organisations

Local presence and action

Needs emerge everywhere, all locally and regionally specific. Groupe SOS works in more than 50 countries to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable, future generations and regions. Groupe SOS acts on the ground to create solutions to social and environmental issues in collaboration with local actors and inhabitants.