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Caring for the planet

Groupe SOS wants to accelerate the transition to efficient and resilient models that ensure wealth creation and quality food for all.

To achieve this, Groupe SOS teams are working to promote the transition to an agroecological model and food resilience, the regeneration of the world’s forests and the preservation and promotion of natural heritage.

Our actions

Accelerating the food production and agroecological transition

Accelerating the food production and agroecological transition

From the field to the plate, we want to offer healthy food to as many people as possible. Our current agricultural model is at the end of its tether. Given the urgency, we have decided to accelerate the introduction of new practices inspired by natural ecosystems: agroecology, in particular through the actions of Fermes d’Avenir and Blue Bees. More broadly speaking, we are working to develop local food circuits by acting as a vehicle for a number of joint initiatives, thanks to the CNRA, the French national centre for food resilience.

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Preserving and promoting natural heritage

Preserving and promoting natural heritage

We are aware of the importance of ecosystems, and are committed to preserving France’s natural heritage, as well as restoring it when it is damaged. Preserving and looking after nature is one of the keys of the environmental transition. Nature is a strategic resource for rural development, agroecology, forestry and tourism, and protecting it reduces the risk of natural disasters.

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Circular economy

Doing better with less. The circular economy is designed to reduce our environmental impact and cut the use of natural resources. It is the promise of a new development model. Electronic waste, food, etc. Groupe SOS is involved in recycling activities and the fight against waste, in particular through integration workcamps, thanks to the work of organisations such as TRI37, AG2I, ANDES and Bathô.

Saving and regenerating the world’s forests with Planète Urgence

Protecting the world’s forests is one of the key challenges for the preservation of our planet, as they are essential to its climatic balance and preservation of its rich wildlife. Through our organisations, we work in developing countries to promote reforestation and environmental awareness, with the aim of achieving a common, sustainable management of natural resources. 

Everyone has the opportunity to take action and become involved, at their own level and according to their own means, in the co-construction of a more equitable and appealing society. This is the conviction of Planète Urgence, a Groupe SOS international solidarity non-profit created in Paris in 2000 by NGO professionals (Médecins du Monde, Handicap International). 

Initiated by the Congé solidaire® (Leave for Change) scheme and recognised as being of public interest, its actions allow individuals to act responsibly in favour of their own development and that of their community, so as to promote their resilience in the face of change. These actions are 3-fold:  

  • Preserving threatened forests and wildlife 
  • Promoting local economic development 
  • Raising environmental awareness 

Thanks to Planète Urgence, over 7 million trees have already been planted in extremely fragile ecosystems, in countries like Madagascar, Indonesia and Cameroon. 

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Map of our facilities and organisations

Local presence and action

Needs emerge everywhere, all locally and regionally specific. Groupe SOS works in more than 50 countries to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable, future generations and regions. Groupe SOS acts on the ground to create solutions to social and environmental issues in collaboration with local actors and inhabitants.