Caring for the planet

Accelerating the food production and agroecological transition

From the field to the plate, we want to offer healthy food to as many people as possible. Our current agricultural model is at the end of its tether. Given the urgency, we have decided to accelerate the introduction of new practices inspired by natural ecosystems: agroecology, in particular through the actions of Fermes d’Avenir and Blue Bees. 

 More broadly speaking, we are working to develop local food circuits, by acting as a vehicle for several joint initiatives, thanks to the National Centre for Food Resilience (CNRA).

Fermes d’Avenir 

Created in 2013, Fermes d’Avenir is an organisation that supports the development of agroecology. By building agroecological farms throughout the country, Fermes d’Avenir aims to accelerate the environmental transition in France. 

Its vision is illustrated by the Agroecology Flower: farms that can feed people with healthy, high-quality food (in terms of taste, ripeness…), while preserving the planet’s natural capital (water, soil, climate, biodiversity, etc.) and providing a sustainable, decent and resilient business for farmers. 

To achieve this, its team of 15 or so and its 16 training farms organise their activities around 3 key value propositions for its beneficiaries: 

  • Get equipped: to discover the models of triple-performing agroecological farms in the Fermes d’Avenir network. 
  • Get trained: in theory and practice, to confirm one’s interest in setting up a farm or becoming self-sufficient in food, and to acquire the keys to success. 
  • Get support: to accelerate the development of a public or private farm project, or the transition to a different region or sector. 

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Part of Groupe SOS since 2016, BlueBees is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to sustainable agriculture and food projects, meaning projects that are ecological, economically viable and a source of jobs and social cohesion in their area. To support its funding initiatives, BlueBees brings together manufacturers and distributors, bankers and project initiators, thereby creating business opportunities for project initiators and providing leverage for raising money from other sources. 

In 2022, more than €3 million were raised by citizens for donation and loan projects that reach from the farm to the fork.

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The CNRA (Conseil National pour la Résilience Alimentaire) is a public interest organisation set up by a dozen entrepreneurs at the request of local stakeholders working on food resilience. Food resilience means anticipating future changes, to be able to provide everyone with sufficient and accessible food, despite predicted or unforeseen disruptions (climate disasters, pandemics, crises, etc.). 

The CNRA supports its actions with 3 main tools: 

  • The barometer: A tool for summarising and taking action, it provides a quick overview of a region’s situation on various themes related to the food system. Accessible to all, it helps identify the key issues and priority levers of action in each region. 
  • A framework for food resilience: Designed for local authorities, this tool is more than ever geared towards operational use. It’s a checklist to help initiate or support a food resilience initiative in any given area. 
  • Local Guilds: To encourage the emergence and sustainability of local food networks, the Guilds bring together local players and enable them to structure, manage and finance their projects. 

By joining Groupe SOS, the CNRA will be able to perpetuate and develop its activities in synergy with our other teams, with a common ambition: creating a sustainable food system! 

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