Groupe SOS

Groupe SOS Jeunesse

Groupe SOS Jeunesse is the leading child protection organisation in France. Its mission is to educate and protect children, teenagers and young adults who are in need as a result of their family, social and economic environment.

Supporting parenthood, welcoming minors and young adults in danger, at risk or psychologically distressed, creating alternatives to imprisonment and assisting social and work integration… designing and implementing innovative means of assistance, support and guidance: those are the motivation and compass of Groupe SOS Jeunesse.

Groupe SOS Jeunesse is one of the founding organisations of Groupe SOS.

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beneficiaries in 2021
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It is the art of building a relationship of trust, critical to open possibilities.

It means offering environments, spaces and time to discover, think and feel.


It means meeting basic and specific needs, as well as guaranteeing the respect and promotion of rights.

It is acting thoughtfully against all forms of abuse. Implementing these missions means accepting the uncertainty inherent in any relationship, being aware of the paradox between protection and empowerment, and assuming this necessary educational challenge.


Early Childhood

Juvenile Criminal Justice

Child Protection

Children and Disabilities

Sponsorship and Educational Actions through Sport