Entrepreneurs for future generations 

Advise public and private entities on anticipating the future

To assist public and private entities in anticipating the future and to help them move towards a sustainable approach, Groupe SOS has several consulting organisations that take into account today’s social and environmental challenges.

Because of our wide range of activities in the social and solidarity economy, we have a wealth of expertise at our disposal. We use it to support organisations and help them adapt their strategies to current issues.

Groupe SOS Consulting

Groupe SOS Consulting brings together all our expertise in France and internationally. This entity stands out for its unique approach, which combines field experts and consultants in the field of social and environmental transition. This strength is more than just a novelty; it enables us to support organisations in adapting their strategies to the many challenges of our time. 

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Auxilia is a socialenvironmental transition consulting agency that supports local communities and businesses in their transition towards sustainable and resilient development. It draws on its expertise in the circular economy, transport & mobility, energy, agriculture, food, health, adaptation, etc.

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Impact Campus

Impact Campus brings together higher education institutions and businesses to enable employees and students to work together on positive-impact projects that are rewarding for everyone involved. The purpose is to develop innovative solutions using the immense reservoir of creativity of the new generations, in order to meet today’s economic, digital, ecological and social challenges.

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Astrées deciphers the evolution of work and employment and disseminates innovative social practices in France and Europe. It encourages the creation of communities that bring together all social dialogue players in order to meet the challenges of the digital and environmental transitions. Astrées facilitates – on a national and European level – open, decompartmentalised debate on issues that are key for a social dialogue that will ensure the acceleration of social and environmental change, and supports the groups that emerge to meet these challenges through experimental and training initiatives. 

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