A committed employer!

With more than 22,000 employees in 2022, Groupe SOS is a major employer in the social and solidarity economy in Europe. Our responsibility as an employer also reflects the values that guide our actions. We want our HR policy to set an example for other organisations, and to help improve practices in the business world.

Inclusion for all


Groupe SOS is actively involved in facilitating the employment of everyone, especially people with disabilities. Several initiatives have been put in place internally and externally to support this ambition. 

By 2025, our goal is to have 7% of our workforce recognised as disabled workers, which is above the legal requirement. 

A study will be carried out by the Agefiph in all our core businesses to determine how best to adjust jobs to the various disability challenges: adapting working hours and break times, providing appropriate equipment, facilitating on-boarding, etc. 

In May, Groupe SOS signed the Handiss’pensable charter, committing to 5 measures designed to develop access for people with disabilities to jobs and qualifications in the social work and care sector. 

Since 2021, Groupe SOS has been offering “All Inclusive”, a training programme for nursing assistants tailored to people with disabilities. It includes group learning of basic skills (French, mathematics, digital skills, etc.), professional knowledge (knowledge of the sector, hygiene, safety, etc.) and interpersonal skills in the workplace. Students are offered a 2-week work placement in one of our facilities, which may lead to a block release contract. 

Since June, Groupe SOS has been organising meetings between block release apprentices with disabilities and employers. The format of the meetings is adapted to the profiles and disabilities of the students. 

Making our voice heard 

“Lift any direct or indirect ban on the employment of people with disabilities, and promote voluntary work, to enhance the social contribution of each individual”

Proposal no. 3 of Groupe SOS Disabilities AdvocacyBeing a citizen with disabilities”. Proposition n°3 du Plaidoyer « Etre citoyen en situation de handicap » du Groupe SOS. Discover all our proposals to improve the situation of people with disabilities, their caregivers and the professionals who work with them in our Disabilities Advocacy.

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Gender equality

Professional equality between genders has been declared a major national cause of the President of the Republic five-year term. 

As part of the September 2018 law for the freedom to choose one’s career future, companies were asked to demonstrate their results in terms of equal pay with a “Gender Equality Index” to be published each year. To achieve this, the legal indicators are applied to all relevant Groupe SOS organisations. The INDEXes are therefore reported and if the overall INDEXes are defined as “calculable” according to the law, they appear below: 

Groupe SOS applies current regulations and continues to advocate for an adaptation of the regulations which, for the moment, do not fully reflect the quality and fairness of pay practices, particularly in the social, medical-social and health sectors. In these sectors, the application of the collective bargaining agreement allows for equal treatment between genders and more generally between the Group’s employees, which is not fully reflected in the INDEX shown. 

Groupe SOS uses these INDEXes to strengthen its HR policies in favour of greater gender equity, beyond the issue of pay.

Sustainable development

As part of the consideration of the overall impact of our activities, we strongly acknowledge our responsibility as an employer to accelerate sustainable development. This is a major challenge that we want to meet, together with all our employees. To this end, we have launched an ambitious plan of specific actions to rally our teams around environmental issues and support them in transforming their practices, so that we can simultaneously address both the social and ecological crises. 

For instance: 

  • The Climate Fresk process is offered to our employees 
  • We distribute practical guides suggesting actions to improve the impact of day-to-day activities (food, energy consumption, transport, etc.). 

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