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Support children in difficulty or at risk

Giving everyone the keys to build their own story, at any age, has always been a key concern of ours. To support children at risk or in difficulty, Groupe SOS works through child welfare, sponsorship and educational programmes.

Because it is vital to enable young people, whatever their background or challenges, to find their place in society.

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Child welfare

Child welfare

We provide a wide range of innovative ways of helping, supporting and caring for children, teenagers and young adults with various difficulties. We place education at the heart of our practices. We work with parents, helping them to develop their parenting skills and providing them with support, as well as with children, through educational programmes backed up by psychological support and access to healthcare, rights, school, employment and culture.

Mentoring and educational initiatives

Mentoring and educational initiatives

Social isolation and inequality affect too many young people. To address this, neighbourhood sponsorship and education through sports are a powerful means of risk prevention for vulnerable children and young people. We advocate cultural and educational openness based on mutual enrichment, to ensure genuine integration and encourage the rebuilding of social bonds. As a result, risky behaviours are reduced and learning how to live within society is made easier. Our programmes also provide genuine parenthood support.

Youth in conflict with the law

Our conviction: no one is born a delinquent or remains a delinquent, provided they grow up in the proper environment. Our mission: to reconcile sanction and education. We offer a range of diversified and innovative responses to criminal offences. They are adapted to the behavioural difficulties of the youths we take in, whose trajectories are marked by failures, breakdowns and acts of violence. The aim of all our actions is to prevent and limit the detention of minors and to help them integrate and find their place within society. 

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Local presence and action

Needs emerge everywhere, all locally and regionally specific. Groupe SOS works in more than 50 countries to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable, future generations and regions. Groupe SOS acts on the ground to create solutions to social and environmental issues in collaboration with local actors and inhabitants.