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Mentoring and educational initiatives

Social isolation and inequality affect too many young people. To address this, neighbourhood sponsorship and education through sports are a powerful means of risk prevention for vulnerable children and young people.

We advocate cultural and educational openness based on mutual enrichment, to ensure genuine integration and encourage the rebuilding of social bonds. As a result, risky behaviours are reduced and learning how to live within society is made easier. Our programmes also provide genuine parenthood support. 

PLAY International

PLAY International offers an active, participatory teaching method that uses sports as an educational medium to convey risk prevention and awareness-raising messages to children aged between 6 and 15. Playing sport is an excellent way of learning to respect rules and instil values. It’s also a fantastic way of bringing communities together, breaking down barriers and raising children’s awareness of social, health and environmental issues.

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Parrains Par Mille

Parrains Par Mille enables children and young people to meet a volunteer mentor living close-by. Children from single-parent or isolated families, young migrants, children monitored by childcare workers… Beautiful stories are written through two types of mentoring : socio-cultural mentoring to help children blossom and grow up peacefully, and socio-professional mentoring for young adults as a springboard to employment.

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Point Sud

For more than 20 years, Point Sud has been meeting youthrelated social challenges. Its social engineering approach is based on the solidarity values of sport, in which the notions of cohesion, equal opportunities, acceptance of differences and the fight against discrimination are key.

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The ADEPPA (popular education and outdoor activities regional organisation) runs a social tourism activity for the benefit of school groups, non-profit organisations, sports teams and families, providing education about the environment and sustainable development. 

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