Working at Groupe SOS is an opportunity to bring and develop your talents within Europe’s leading social entrepreneurship group, which works every day to provide solutions to social and environmental issues. 

Why join us?

We care about our employees’ well-being

We are determined to offer you all the benefits of a large group, while enabling you to grow on a day-to-day basis within human-scale organisations. In practical terms, this means benefiting from strong local management and a caring working environment. Groupe SOS has long been involved in highlighting the specialities of the social and solidarity economy and in lobbying decision-makers to improve their situation. In recent years, we have regularly spoken out, on our own or alongside other players and representative federations, to ensure that our teams are valued and able to carry out their mission with greater peace of mind.

With the aim of constantly improving the quality of life at work, and because everyone’s opinion counts, Groupe SOS also invites its staff to take part in an anonymous social survey. Each year, the results are used to take stock of the quality of life at work in the group and to draw up action plans to improve it.

From on-boarding to advancement, we’re with you every step of the way

Our teams are there to help you feel comfortable at every stage of your career, as soon as you enter the group: recruitment, on-boarding, orientation, helping each employee take up their new role and monitoring their on-boarding period.

Over the long term, we support you in your career aspirations and choices, thanks to our HR network deployed across all our operations. Every year, Groupe SOS organises annual appraisal/career interviews to assess employees’ wishes and situations. Taking on new responsibilities, moving to a different organisation, sector, audience or even profession: we can offer a wide range of mobility and development options! Many training courses are available for every specialty and at every hierarchical level.

For your information, every year, Groupe SOS invests more in training than it is legally obliged to and endeavours to mobilise the various levers needed to support its employees’ career paths.

Groupe SOS also supports in-house entrepreneurship via the Emergence programme, which brings to life the social and environmental innovations devised by its employees. Emergence gives them the opportunity to embark on an intrapreneurial adventure while receiving support.

Joining Groupe SOS gives you the possibility of a diversified career path full of opportunities!

Together, let’s work towards a fair and sustainable world

Entrepreneurship for the benefit of all: that is the mission of Groupe SOS. We do this with a non-profit, zero-shareholder organisational model that serves the most vulnerable, future generations and regions.

The non-profit organisations, facilities and social enterprises that make up Groupe SOS are active in the field, providing solutions to social and societal issues: shelter and assistance for the socially excluded, private not-for-profit hospitals, nursing homes, social and medical-social facilities, integration workshops and workcamps, cultural centres, organisations working to promote the environmental transition, businesses that reconcile the economy with a social project, solidarity grocery shops and multi-service cafés in isolated areas, international NGOs, etc.

Joining Groupe SOS means becoming involved in actions that have an impact on more than 2 million people every year, in France and abroad. It also means promoting a different organisational model for our society: one that is fair and respectful of the environment.

How can you join us?

First, we invite you to take a look at our many and diverse job openings. Here are the 5 main stages in our recruitment process.


Submit your application

Apply for the position that interests you via our website

Click on “Apply in one click” if you just want to send us your CV, or on “Apply” if you want to give us more information to assess your profile.

If none of the offers match the position you’re looking for, please feel free to submit an unsolicited application. You can apply spontaneously and set up an e-mail alert so that you can be informed as soon as an offer matching your requirements is published.


We pre-select your application

Within the Group, your future manager is directly in charge of the selection process. They will make initial contact with you and, after a phone call, study your application, ensuring that it matches the job requirements.


You are invited to a first interview

The manager informs you that your profile has been selected for an interview.

This interview is an opportunity to present your background and motivation and to find out more about the position and the organisation.


You may have a second interview

Depending on the position you apply for, you may be invited to a second interview with the team manager, the HR team, or other members of the team.


Your application is successful!

The manager confirms that you have been selected for the job and, depending on the circumstances, sends you a job offer. If you accept, and if that applies, we will send you your contract and, if necessary, a recruitment offer.

Congratulations! You’re now part of Groupe SOS.

If your application is unsuccessful, the Groupe SOS teams will still be delighted to consider your profile for other positions. Groupe SOS regularly publishes a large number of job offers. Do not hesitate to apply again, and to sign up for email alerts on the careers website.