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The elderly

Groupe SOS Seniors, France’s second-largest manager of non-profit nursing homes, is rising to the challenge of old age. In 2050, the number of French people over 85 will have doubled, while the number of working people will have decreased. The demographic reality of our country, like that of many others, makes the care of the elderly one of the greatest challenges of the coming years. 

Our commitment is to innovate in order to provide quality care for our elderly, both at home and in our nursing homes. Our mission is to help them remain independent, nourished and socially connected, while taking into account their income level. 

Facilities & Services
Seniors citizens housed

Advocacy on the Elderly

Through this Advocacy, Groupe SOS wants to build a comprehensive support system and offer all senior citizens quality services, in collaboration with family caregivers, while respecting their dignity and regardless of their income level. 

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Our nursing homes

After a certain age, the elderly’s independence gradually decreases, and it sometimes becomes difficult to continue living at home. When this is no longer possible, some relatives consider moving their elderly loved one to a specialised facility. Groupe SOS owns several nursing homes and retirement homes so as to offer suitable care to each senior citizen. 

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Promoting independence – Home services

Because the best retirement home is your home, Groupe SOS offers innovative services that allow senior citizens to remain at home as long as possible. Our commitment to seniors? 

Helping them maintain their independence, a healthy diet and social ties, while taking into account each person’s income level. Groupe SOS has therefore developed a wide range of home services for senior citizens, with the aim of lighting the load of caregivers and facilitating the seniors citizens‘ daily lives.

Meal delivery 

With age, it is sometimes difficult to keep up the desire to cook or go shopping, but senior citizens living at home need to maintain a balanced diet for their physical and mental health. Our home delivery service is aimed at people over 60 years of age (an exemption is possible under certain conditions). It is deployed in 8 Groupe SOS Nursing Homes and the meals are prepared according to a food plan drawn up by a dietician, in accordance with proper nutritional requirements, while taking into account each person’s tastes and the pleasure of eating.

Home help and support services 

Groupe SOS deploys home help and support services (SAAD – Service d’Aide et d’Accompagnement à Domicile), which work as service providers for older people, for tasks related to the essential aspects of life, home support, preserving or restoring independence in carrying out daily activities and maintaining and developing social activities and connections with family and friends.

Intergenerational housing 

Groupe SOS is deploying intergenerational housing initiatives in Ile-de-France with the non-profit Le Pari Solidaire and in the East of the country with the non-profit Un Toit 2 Générations. Some older people fear loneliness and isolation. They feel a need for additional security, but also wish to share and create bonds with the new generation. We promote this innovative way of living, which aims to break the elderly’s feeling of exclusion while offering young people the opportunity to access decent housing.


Providing the elderly with a diet adapted to their needs is essential for their well-being. For this reason, Groupe SOS pays great attention to the quality of the meals served in its senior homes. More broadly, our organisation Les Insatiables promotes and communicates good eating habits for the elderly. 

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