Entrepreneurs for the most vulnerable

Homeless or extremely poor people

Today in France, 12 million people are affected by the housing crisis, which affects people who were previously spared. Losing a job, going through financial difficulties, experiencing a family breakdown or domestic violence… All of these factors make people vulnerable and can lead to a housing issue.

Groupe SOS therefore offers a variety of housing and support solutions while respecting each person’s dignity. We are convinced that housing is an essential foundation to regain one’s place in society.

Housing spots
Facilities & Services
people accommodated and assisted

Habitat and Social Action Advocacy

Our Habitat and Social Action Advocacy presents practical and ambitious actions carried out by our teams, as well as a proposal for a profound transformation of support methodologies and schemes.

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Our accommodation facilities in detail

Shelter homes

The purpose of these facilities is to settle individuals who have been living in precarious conditions for a long period of time in housing adapted to their issues (physical, psychological and/or social), while allowing them to experience a communal life.

Rental mediation services

They offer an alternative to collective or hotel accommodation for families struggling to access housing.

Emergency Accommodation Centres and Homeless Shelters

CHUs (Centre d’Hébergement d’Urgence) and CHRSs (Centre d’Hébergement et de Réinsertion Sociale) provide, on referral from the regional housing coordination services (SIAO) or the social emergency hotline (115), unconditional shelter for homeless people, single people, couples or families, in collective or dispersed accommodation, permanent housing and comprehensive support.

Day and night shelters

In response to the rise of extreme poverty and homelessness, this division is developing daytime and overnight reception centres to offer rest and respite, where people can access hygiene and a hot meal, as well as permanent social support.

Food solidarity


ANDES, the pioneering network of solidarity grocery shops, is one of the main providers of food aid in France and was created in 2000. For more than 20 years, ANDES has been providing low-income families access to diverse, quality food. ANDES has developed a network of more than 500 solidarity grocery shops that support 200,000 people every year.

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Digital solidarity


Reconnect is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to use digital technology to promote social integration for the most disadvantaged. Based on its experience in developing the first solidarity phone system, the association has developed solutions in response to two observations: 

  • People in extreme poverty, homeless people, refugees, people suffering from addiction or other difficult situations, are often confronted with the loss or theft of their administrative papers, which are nevertheless essential to claim their rights. 
  • The staff of the organisations that help them spend a lot of time making these documents again, a time that is not devoted to caring for these people. 

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