Entrepreneurs for future generations

Awaken the critical minds of the new generations

Because the new generations are our future, Groupe SOS is committed to giving them the keys to developing their critical thinking and their desire to have a positive impact on the world.

How? By being a source of new information that shares, educates and highlights alternative solutions.


Respect, a media sponsored by Groupe SOS, tells the story of the singular, unique people, pioneers, rebels and outsiders, who inspire respect and involvement. Exploring intimate stories and collective revolutions, understanding where each person is coming from, overcoming conditioning, supporting fights for social justice: respect gathers individuals, initiatives and powerful investigations about social, environmental and cultural issues.

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 Education to critical thinking

Over the past 5 years, Mouvement UP has run more than 5,000 education workshops on critical approaches to the media for young people and their educational supervisors. We work mainly with socially disadvantaged young people in coordination with our network of 40 educational partners in the field (schools, local projects, socio-educational centres, non-profit organisations).

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Impact Campus – PACT

Impact Campus helps higher education institutions in building engaging learning pathways that enable students to develop critical thinking and a capacity to reflect on the challenges of globalisation and the ecological and social transition, as well as professional skills and reflexes that will allow them to act as true change agents.

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PLAY International

This NGO runs educational initiatives through sports in many countries. These initiatives pass on information and enable young people all over the world to develop critical thinking about today’s social, societal and environmental issues.

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