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Groupe SOS Seniors

Groupe SOS Seniors, the second largest manager of non-profit nursing homes in France, is taking up the challenge of old age. In 2050, the number of people over 85 in France will have doubled, while the number of working people will have decreased. It is essential to find solutions to assist senior citizens.

Groupe SOS Seniors is committed to helping senior citizens maintain their independence and social ties in its facilities (113 facilities and services for the elderly, including more than 70 nursing homes), while considering each person’s income level and guaranteeing the same quality of service for all; as well as at home, thanks to services that enable people to live better and longer in their own homes.

Groupe SOS Seniors is one of the founding organisations of Groupe SOS and has been recognised as serving the public good.

senior citizens housed

Our proposals to meet the challenge of old age

Today, 2.1 million French people are aged 85 and over. By 2050, they will be 4.2 million and the number of dependent people will have doubled. The current housing offer is often unsuitable and not affordable to many. Nursing homes suffer from a bad reputation due to numerous shortcomings reported in the media: difficult working conditions, an increasing number of residents and insufficient funding to meet their changing needs. Home care, which is very popular with the elderly, allows seniors to remain autonomous for a long time. But while aging at home is one of the main wishes of older people, too many of them are forced to leave their homes because they cannot benefit from services that cover all their needs.

Through this Mission Statement, Groupe SOS wants to build a comprehensive support system and offer all senior citizens quality services, in collaboration with family caregivers, while respecting their dignity and regardless of their income level.


Nursing homes: a new philosophy of assistance

Above all, a nursing home must be connected to its surroundings and once more be a lively place that motivates its inhabitants, who can work with caregivers, professionals and volunteers to improve their quality of life and make the place a new home.

Therefore, let’s envision the nursing home as the continuation of the home. It is neither a hotel nor a hospital, but it brings together a community of stakeholders who all have a place and a role to play. This is the principle behind “My nursing home, my home”, a philosophy of assistance that has been implemented in many of the Group’s facilities.

Chez moi: a new concept of supported housing and services at affordable prices

Chez moi’s (At home) ambition is to listen and better respond to current and future societal issues: to anticipate and innovate in order to offer a diversified range of services and support to people over 60 years of age, promoting their autonomy and choice of lifestyle in an adapted and non-medicalised setting.

It offers intergenerational housing or housing specifically dedicated to seniors, with a good quality of life and where they can evolve in an adapted and comfortable environment of 45 to 50 m².

Activities and social life

Life in an institution is not limited to food, accommodation and care. The quality of life also depends on the activity and social life project: this means providing adapted, non-infantilising, diverse activities that help maintain physical and psychological autonomy and enhance the abilities and potential of each person.

The importance of catering

Gastronomy is an essential part of French culture and is very important to older people. Groupe SOS Seniors makes food a priority and is especially attentive to preserving the elderly’s enjoyment of good food.

Appearance, texture, taste – everything is done to enable senior citizens to appreciate the dishes prepared by the chefs of Groupe SOS Seniors, particularly with the Silver Fourchette program, which helps improve nutrition in our facilities.