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Early childhood

The aim of our work is to help each child fulfil their potential by respecting their uniqueness, pace and background, and by facilitating the development of their curiosity, independence and social skills. We also support and assist parents by providing opportunities for discussion and meetings, so that they can entrust their children to our teams with complete peace of mind. 

Our facilities are open to all, and in line with our values of respect for difference and promoting diversity. They take in children with disabilities and provide support for families who may be struggling, making it easier for parents to return to work or training, in partnership with the French employment agency Pôle emploi. 

children cared for
chlidcare facilities for small children

Early childhood Advocacy

Because crèches have the power to play a key role in offsetting initial inequalities by implementing educational projects, Groupe SOS is championing the Early childhood Advocacy, with the intention of urging public authorities to address the issues of inequality from an early age. 

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Our schemes 

Groupe SOS operates many childcare and support services for small children. Crèches, parent-child drop-in centres, social centres, day nurseries, mixed centres and resource centres for childcare professionals (RAM-RAP): these different schemes ensure the best possible response is given to the needs of each family. 

The cornerstone of equal opportunities: an ambitious educational project

The crèche plays a major role in the development of a child, and therefore in ensuring equal opportunities for all, with effects carrying on long after childhood. Working with young children and their families from early on is a powerful lever for preventing social inequality. Our goal is to offer facilities that are open to all and in line with our values of respect for differences and promotion of diversity, through the welcoming and inclusion of children with disabilities and children from families in need.

Combating gender stereotypes from the very beginning

At the age of 4, 70% of children think that males dominate females. Stereotypes, and the resulting inequalities between genres, are formed very early on. That’s why our organisation Crescendo works to deconstruct gendered biases among childcare professionals, families and children, and to provide a comprehensive framework for achieving real equality.