Your career at Groupe SOS

The wealth of Groupe SOS is its workforce. The Group therefore does everything possible to ensure that its employees are happy at work, enjoy a balanced life and fulfil their aspirations for the future by promoting the development of their skills, in line with the Group’s projects.

On-boarding: a guarantee of success 

Successful on-boarding means making it easier for employees to take up their new responsibilities, feel at ease and work together efficiently. Within the Group, on-boarding is done in several stages: pre-boarding, orientation, support for each employee as they take up their new position and monitoring of their on-boarding period. 

Regular monitoring and discussion 

We provide long-term support for your career aspirations and choices, thanks to our HR network deployed across all our entities. Every year, Groupe SOS organises annual appraisal / career interviews to assess the wishes and situation of its employees. This process allows each manager and their employees to enjoy a special moment of exchange and feedback, to review the past year, and discuss career plans and wishes for the future. 

Training: a dynamic way to develop your skills 

Groupe SOS offers a wide range of training courses to its employees, whatever their hierarchical level or specialty. Our goal is to help you improve your skills and fulfil your wishes for advancement or mobility. 

For example, every year we spend more than 3% of our gross payroll on training, which is above the legal minimum. 

Are you a manager or do you aspire to be one? Groupe SOS offers several specific support schemes to ensure that managers and aspiring managers can develop their managerial skills: they are provided with the tools they need to train, assess themselves, measure the impact of their management on their teams and commit to continuous improvement. 

Internal mobility: a way to evolve

Because of its size and geographical scope, the variety of its specialties and organisations, Groupe SOS offers a wide range of opportunities for internal mobility: changing organisation, job, audience and even specialty. 

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In this respect, Groupe SOS has developed Emergence, an intrapreneurship programme dedicated to those who wish to embark on a new professional adventure whilst receiving support. 

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Taking responsibility for your working conditions

Within a group dedicated to the common good, meaning and satisfaction at work are essential elements and are measured in real time using the Wittyfit tool. 

As part of its ongoing drive to improve working conditions, Groupe SOS opted in 2020 to set up this confidential and 100% personal platform, enabling managers to identify their teams’ satisfaction and stress levels and to gather their feedback on the quality of their life at work. 

Groupe SOS is convinced that this platform is an effective tool for getting feedback from the field and for implementing tangible measures that will enhance the fulfilment of all its employees.