Entrepreneurs for future generations

Schools and trainings

Each one of us spends almost 40 years of our lives working. These are precious years, and involves many personal and social challenges: finding a meaningful job that is useful to those around us, understanding and implementing more sustainable practices in today’s world…

Supporting people who want to change their lives, or who are just starting out, is crucial to shift the world we live in. This wish to use education to rethink our lifestyles is behind Groupe SOS training programmes.

Our schools

Enabling young children to grow up serenely while respecting their personalities, guiding teenagers towards their first professional choice, nurturing minds and providing students with the skills they need to tackle today’s challenges…

Through its schools, Groupe SOS pursues a clear goal: to enable everyone to find their own path and grow serenely, at every stage of life.

Mae C. Jemison

The Mae C. Jemison School, located in the heart of the city of Saint-Ouen, offers children a privileged environment in which to learn, develop and move confidently forward. It offers a rich and stimulating bilingual curriculum, based on the Montessori pedagogy, which revolves around an individual educational project. The school welcomes children in 4 mixed-age classes (3-6 years old and 6-12 years old), that foster teamwork, sharing and cooperation. Each class is taught by two teachers, one French-speaking and one English-speaking, using a bilingual teaching approach.

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The ESAJ is a landscaping reference school. It trains professionals who design and implement development projects on all scales. This multi-disciplinary course incorporates knowledge of living organisms as a prerequisite for any landscaping project. Recognised by the French and European landscaping federations (the FFP and the IFLA), the school delivers a diploma in landscape architecture after a 5-year curriculum.

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Lycée technologique privé Jules Richard

The Lycée Technologique Privé Jules Richard is a free technical public school under contract with the French Ministry of Education. The school is coeducational, and students receive school meals. It has been providing technological qualifications since its creation in 1923 and offers a wide range of study opportunities. The school is in constant dialogue with leading-edge industries and has developed its equipment and training methods to meet their demands. Its aim is to train future industry professionals to better integrate the social and environmental dimensions of their activities. 

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Meeting the challenge of professional healthcare

Training tomorrow’s healthcare professionals

Healthcare facilities are currently facing a major challenge: a lack of staff. Groupe SOS Santé works to train and educate the next generations of healthcare workers. 

It also trains caregivers with 4 nursing assistant training institutes and 1 nursing care training institute, to counter the shortage of workers. 

In 2021, Groupe SOS Santé served 177,000 beneficiaries (patients and trainees) and employed more than 3,000 people. 

Training for green jobs

Driven by the ambition to create an ever-learning society, our environmental transition training organisations help anyone readjust their skills throughout their lives. 

From ecological landscaping to practical agricultural and crafts training, our organisations offer a wide range of training courses to meet everyone’s needs and desires.

Savoir-faire et Découverte

Savoir-faire et Découverte (“Know-how and Discovery”) offers 3 to 30 days training courses, combining theory and practical applications, to enable students to acquire manual and traditional craft skills. The instructors are working craftspeople who welcome trainees into their workplace. The programmes train exclusively in trades that participate in the local and environmentally responsible economy. The goal is to create jobs with a low environmental impact.

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Fermes d’Avenir

Fermes d’Avenir has been organising vocational training courses in agroecology since 2016 for a diverse audience (new aspiring farmers, farmers switching to organic farming, refugees, people interested in self-sufficiency….). The organisation provides training for today’s and tomorrow’s project initiators so they can validate their commitment to their agroecological projects, acquire the skills to succeed and prepare the setting up of their business. Several training courses are on offer, both short and long, theoretical, and field-based, each designed to meet different needs.

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Supporting NEET youths

Groupe SOS offers support for NEET (No Employment, Education or Training) youths through our support platforms and skills training. Our schemes provide individualised support, taking into account the background, difficulties and, above all, the human and professional qualities of each person.

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