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People suffering from addictions

People with addiction issues suffer from an illness. We do not judge people’s behaviour and choices; our goal is to provide the best possible response to each person’s situation.

Our support is comprehensive and includes healthcare, housing, social and work integration as well as risk mitigation.

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Addictions Advocacy

Let’s be clear: addiction is an illness. The French repressive system clouds this truth, and many people live in fear that their addiction will be discovered by their relatives or employers. They gradually fall into a spiral of exclusion, without proper treatment or support. In our Addictions Advocacy, we make practical proposals to bring about lasting change in the way people with addictions are cared for.

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Our services in detail

Centres for Care, Support and Prevention in matters of Addiction

CSAPAs (Centres de Soin, d’Accompagnement et de Prévention en Addictologie) are multidisciplinary structures providing prevention and care for people suffering from addiction. They offer support in stopping or moderating drug use, or in obtaining substitution treatment.

Outpatient CSAPAs

Prevention services are provided in schools, but also in the context of the Child Welfare and Youth Protection schemes. Lastly, the Young Consumers’ Consultations offer information, assessment, treatment or guidance in relation to addiction problems faced by young people.

Residential CSAPAs

  • They complement the existing addiction care services by providing 24-hour residential care: 
  • The Communauté Thérapeutique 
  • The Unit for people coming out of prison 
  • La Corniche; the first CSAPA created in France dedicated to minors and young adults suffering from addictions 
  • The Entracte reception centre. 

Centers for the Reception and Support in Harm Reduction for Drug Users

CAARUDs (Centre d’Accueil et d’Accompagnement à la Réduction des risques pour Usagers de Drogues) offer collective and individual reception, support users in accessing care, but also in accessing rights, housing and work integration or reintegration.

Therapeutic Flats

ATs (Appartements thérapeutiques) provide people with addiction in a treatment process the opportunity to live independently, while having their treatment monitored and receiving help in the management of their daily lives.

Therapeutic coordination flats

These units operate non-stop and provide temporary accommodation for people with psychological and social difficulties. These people require healthcare and medical follow-up for serious pathologies. They provide follow-up and coordination of medical care, ensure compliance with treatments, and offer psychological support as well as help with integration.