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Ahmed Aiyoun, The story of a social entrepreneur 

25 January 2024 • NEWS


Ahmed Aiyoun is a young man from Minia who decided to become self-employed through an innovative idea. He established a micro-coffee shop on an old bicycle, serving a variety of coffees and other hand-prepared beverages. 

His mobile coffee shop is about more than just coffee, it helps bring the community together. 

Ahmed’s business initiative has received support from Groupe SOS and PPI – People Power Inclusion, under the Sustainable Accelerated Growth in Egypt (SAGE) program. This program, co-funded by the European Commission, is dedicated to enhancing social entrepreneurship, business growth, and employment opportunities in multiple Egyptian governorates, Minia included. Ahmed’s innovative business is a key contribution to the revitalisation efforts in Minia.

Additionally, Ahmed employs several local individuals, contributing to their livelihood and skills development, further enhancing his role as a social entrepreneur.

Ahmed, what motivates you on your entrepreneurial journey every morning?

The joy of bringing something unique to my community drives me. Knowing that my mobile coffee not only serves great coffee but also creates job opportunities for others keeps me motivated. I believe in the power of innovation and how it can positively influence the lives of people around me.

How does your micro-business contribute to building social connections?

My mobile coffee shop acts as a gathering point for people in the neighborhood. I  personalise and  make each cup of coffee unique, engaging with customers and creating a sense of belonging. The friendly atmosphere I maintain has turned passersby into regular customers.

Moreover, I have managed to hire a friend to run the coffee bike when I’m not around. I have also committed to duplicating this concept and spreading it among more friends.

You have transformed a brilliant idea into a valuable business. What is your vision for the future?

I plan to keep growing and expanding my business. Next, I would like a better tri-cycle with more advanced equipment. My goal is not just to sell quality drinks, but to encourage others to start their own social businesses. I want to spread my idea through small-scale franchising, so we can have more ‘Aiyoun’ coffee bikes in Minia and beyond. Keeping our unique logo and personal touch is key to building strong community connections.


At Groupe SOS, we are proud to support innovative solutions dynamising local territories, from urban centres to rural and remote areas. We are working to combat the regional divide by involving local residents and players in the creation of solutions that are relevant to them.

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