Our activities

Environmental Transition

Faced with the current environmental and social emergencies, Groupe SOS is committed to finding new solutions that build a sustainable world. The organization defends the concept of human ecology, which harmonises human life with the environment, without one taking precedence over the other.

The ambition in the age of scarcity is to do better with less. Groupe SOS wants to make green jobs into levers for work inclusion, while preventing the environmental transition from becoming an additional factor of exclusion.


Work integration through green jobs

The Brigades Nature aim to offer people who are distant from employment opportunities to train and become field players in the restoration and preservation of our environment.

Gérer les espaces naturels protégés

The non-profit organisation Amis des Marais du Vigueirat works for the protection of the environment and the unique biodiversity of the National Nature Reserve of the Marais du Vigueirat.

Combatting pollution

The associations Wings of The Ocean, CleanRide and Qui Nettoie Si Ce n’Est Toi ? organise depollution activities and awareness campaigns on pollution, especially plastic pollution.


Taking action against food insecurity

The ANDES, (National Association for the Development of Solidarity Grocery Stores), is the pioneer network of solidarity grocery stores and one of the major players in food aid in France.

Promoting access to healthy and sustainable food

The non-profit Les Insatiables raises awareness among children aged 0 to 20 about varied, balanced and responsible eating. The program promotes a balanced, environmentally friendly diet, adapted for senior citizens at home and in nursing homes.

Work integration through new production methods

Through Manufacture de légumes, la Brasserie Dulion, Vignes d’Avenir and Villages Accueillants, Groupe SOS Transition Écologique is reinventing the way we produce and grow food, while enabling the work integration of people who are distant from employment.

Accelerating the agricultural transition

Fermes d’Avenir and BlueBees assist, equip, train and support the financing of agroecological farms throughout France.

Initiating regional food transition

The CNRA brings together initiatives that take concrete action, propose innovative solutions and respond to local food challenges.

Circular Economy


Bathô  is a shipyard of the Social and Solidarity Economy which repurposes pleasure boats into unconventional accommodation on dry land.

TRI 37

TRI 37 is a social integration company specialszing in community services and recycling. It collects paper, cardboard, electrical and electronic waste, and bulky items, which are then recycled, refurbished or repurposed.


The Ateliers Gersois d’Insertion et d’Innovation carry out activities in the Gers to combat the digital divide and to recycle electronic products in order to prevent exclusion, and to promote the social and work integration of people in precarious situations or on a course towards exclusion and marginalisation.

Training, education and entrepreneurship


Germinal, an independent work integration company, develops entrepreneurship as a lever for inclusion and for the economic and environmental development of regions.

Lycée Jules Richard

The ambition of the Jules Richard technological high school is to train future industry professionals to better take into account the social and environmental dimension of their activities.

Savoir Faire et Découverte

Savoir-Faire & Découverte is a training organisation specialised in crafts and environmental transition professions at the service of the local economy.


Created in 1966, the ésaj has established itself as a model school in the landscaping industry and has trained professionals who are recognised in France and internationally.