Marginalised women

Deconstructing gender stereotypes

At the age of 4, 70% of children think that men dominate women. These stereotypes influence people from the earliest age and aggravate many unacceptable behaviours and inequalities over the course of their lives.

Therefore, Groupe SOS works at all stages of life, among its teams, beneficiaries, partners and the general public, to deconstruct gender stereotypes.

Forum Génération Egalité

Groupe SOS, which is committed to gender equality, is proud to participate in the Forum Génération Egalité (Generation Equality Forum) and to be one of the actors of change in the Innovation & Technology coalition in summer 2021. Over the coming 4 years, we will carry out practical measures to ensure that our generation becomes the generation of gender equality.

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PLAY International

The construction of gender stereotypes is unfortunately a reality, at any age and in any country. A reality that should not be tolerated. This is why Groupe SOS and its NGO PLAY International work with children and young people in many countries to raise awareness and help deconstruct gender stereotypes, which create inequality. Through an innovative methodology, Playdagogy, PLAY International uses sports games as an educational tool to raise social and health issues in a fun, active and positive way.

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Epicènes and Crescendo

“Les Epicènes“, set up by Crescendo, our network of daycare centres, is a programme aimed at early childhood professionals to deconstruct gender stereotypes. Its ultimate goal is a more egalitarian education from early childhood onwards through a national project to raise awareness and educate professionals and families.

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