Marginalised women

Protect, shelter and assist

Nearly 220,000 women each year declare they have suffered from abuse, not counting those who still do not dare to speak out: these numbers are constantly growing. Marginalised women are more exposed to physical and/or sexual abuse, to precariousness, to social inequalities in health or employment… and have difficulty accessing specialised services.

To address this, Groupe SOS has developed a special reception service for women in several of its facilities. In 2021, nearly 600 women victims of abuse were assisted in specific or general services provided by Groupe SOS.

Our schemes up close

CHU Plurielles

The CHU Plurielles (Emergency Accommodation Centre) in Paris provides accommodation for homeless young women, enabling them to live with dignity while respecting their needs and privacy. Prélude 93 (Seine-Saint-Denis) offers rental mediation support to women with children, who are leaving the child welfare system or are victims of abuse. 

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CHU Domercq

The CHU Domercq (Bordeaux) offers an immediate shelter solution for women victims of abuse who are forced to leave their homes. As soon as these women become financially and psychologically independent, they can be housed in the Gironde Rental Mediation programme (IML) or in independent housing depending on their needs.

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CHU Familles Parenthèse and CHRS Saint Louis

In Marseille, approximately one hundred spaces are reserved for women in very unstable circumstances, victims of exclusion or abuse, with or without children. The CHU Familles Parenthèse offers fast track accommodation solutions when the victim, either pregnant or with very young children, is referred by the department’s social services. In addition to shelter, the women receive social, health and legal support. The goal is to offer them a bridge to permanent housing. The CHRS Saint Louis also offers overnight shelter for isolated adult women. 

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Lauragais Social Platform

In the Aude region, Groupe SOS gives priority access to emergency shelter for women victims of abuse, with or without children, and to permanent housing through the Lauragais Social Platform. A day centre provides legal support and, if necessary, access to showers, laundry, luggage storage and snacks and coffee. In Castelnaudary, women who are victims of domestic violence, pregnant or with young children, are housed in the new “Les Lucines” scheme, attached to the Lauragais Social Platform.

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In Normandy, YSOS provides emergency accommodation and daycare for women victims of abuse.

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Combating gender-based abuse

During the 2019 summit against domestic abuse organised by the Government, several measures were announced, including the monitoring of perpetrators of abuse and the setting up of two monitoring centres per region. These centres for the care of perpetrators of domestic abuse (CPCA) are intended for perpetrators with short sentences or suspended sentences and are therefore not intended for homicide perpetrators. The CPCAs help preventing the perpetrators of domestic abuse from acting out and repeating their crimes, and making them more accountable, as well as allowing the victims to remain in their own homes if they so wish, so they are not left without a place to stay.

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