The elderly

Our nursing homes

There are nearly one and a half million people over the age of 85 in France, 25% of whom have lost their independence. We manage 114 facilities and services, including 70 nursing homes (Ehpads) and, in collaboration with family caregivers, offer quality services to the elderly while respecting their dignity and regardless of their income level. 

Feeling at home 

Above all, a nursing home must be connected to its surroundings and be a lively place that motivates its inhabitants, who can work with caregivers, professionals and volunteers to improve their quality of life and make the place a new home. 

Therefore, let’s envision the nursing home as the continuation of the home. It is neither a hotel nor a hospital, but it brings together a community of stakeholders who all have a place and a role to play. This is the principle behind “My nursing home, my home”, a philosophy of assistance that has been implemented in many of the Group’s facilities. 

Places to live in, with things to live for

Life in a facility is not limited to food, accommodation and care. The quality of life also depends on the entertainment offer and social life. This means preventing boredom, social isolation and feelings of uselessness. To achieve this, a range of adapted, non-infantilising activities are programmed to cover the needs and expectations of the residents: cognitive stimulation, motor stimulation, sensory and artistic activities and social activities. 

These activities contribute to maintaining physical and psychological autonomy while preserving and enhancing each person’s abilities and potential. All of us: staff, families, outside contributors as well as volunteers all play a part in this by creating a warm, friendly atmosphere that encourages the development of social ties. 

Our nursing homes

In order to ensure quality care for each of our residents, each of our nursing homes is staffed with a team of trained caregivers who always provide the residents with the care required, as well as physical and moral support. All our senior residences offer quality services in terms of accommodation, care, entertainment, laundry and catering. 

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Our retirement homes for autonomous people

Groupe SOS has several retirement homes. These residences, which are governed by medical and social regulations, welcomes autonomous older people over 60 years of age (with some exemptions), alone or as a couple, who can no longer or no longer wish to live in their traditional home or who wish to benefit from collective services (catering, entertainment, etc.).

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