People distant from employment

Work inclusion

Employment is an essential factor for social integration and a return to a stable life. Therefore, our non-profits and facilities working with vulnerable groups naturally offer support in finding employment or training.

Our work inclusion programmes

Plateforme I

Plateforme i develops programmes to meet the challenges of work inclusion. It offers its expertise and commitment to school dropouts, adults on the path to integration and the professionals who help them, through its programmes: Jeunes d’avenir, Teame, Les bons profils, training and social project consulting.

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Entrepreneurship as a medium for inclusion

It is time to put the will to make a difference and the drive to succeed at the core of entrepreneurship. There are a lot of hidden talents, some of them among the people most in touch with society’s actual needs, who are just waiting for support to better their surroundings. This is why we must end inequalities in access to entrepreneurship and allow those furthest from employment to receive the support they need to become entrepreneurs.

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BAO Formation

BAO Formation is a training organisation specialised in the creation of educational methods in construction, construction sites security and high demand industries lacking training offers. This educational engineering is deployed via a teaching method based on handiwork, allowing its training programmes to be addressed to job seekers with little or no pre-requisites. 

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TAPAJ is a national integration programme adapted to young users of psychoactive substances in very precarious situations, which enables them to be paid at the end of the day for a job which does not require any particular qualification or work experience, and which does not require a long-term commitment.

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ARCAT offers comprehensive support to people in precarious or marginalised situations, who are living with a chronic progressive pathology (HIV, viral hepatitis) or who are particularly exposed to the risk of contracting it, with the aim of strengthening their independence. This assistance is based on a multidisciplinary offer that is sufficiently flexible and unconditional to adapt to the needs of each person.

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Ateliere Fără Frontiere

Ateliere Fără Frontiere (Workshops Without Borders) offers 3 workshops focusing on the social and professional inclusion of the most excluded: the Reconect workshop (recycling and reconditioning of electrical and electronic waste), the Remesh workshop (recycling and transformation of advertising materials) and the Bio & co farm (production of fruit and vegetables on an organic farm). AFF’s beneficiaries are marginalised and vulnerable populations such as people coming out of prison and discriminated minorities, like the Roms.

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Our inclusive training

Since each individual has a unique background and goals, training courses must be adapted to suit their needs. Several programmes have been created with this in mind.

Alpha Plappeville

Alpha Plappeville offers 2 services. A vocational rehabilitation centre offering some fifteen training courses: motivation, specific actions, certification or qualification courses and a vocational motivation service offering guidance, pre-training as well as medical, psychological and social support.

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Fermes d’Avenir

Fermes d’Avenir’s mission is to accelerate local agricultural transition by developing agricultural projects and training the players involved in the transition: advice on setting up agro-ecological farms, training, funding support and dissemination of innovative models. The training courses are aimed at all kinds of audiences: “Create your self-sufficiency project”; more technical training such as “Create your economically viable micro-farm”; the companionship programme, an itinerant training for future farmers; and a free online toolbox.

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