People distant from employment

Integration through employment

Employment is an essential aspect of everyone’s integration into society, a context in which people interact on a daily basis, get to know each other and develop callings. 

This is why Groupe SOS has developed numerous structures for integration through economic activity (SIAE), integration workshops and workcamps (ACI), integration companies (EI)…  

Integration workshops and workcamps
Integration companies
People in work integration pathways

What is Integration through Economic Activity?

Integration through Economic Activity allows unemployed people with social and professional difficulties to get a work contract. Offered by some organisations, this pathway may include training. 

Integration through Economic Activity is aimed at people who are extremely distant from employment: 

  • Long-term unemployed people 
  • People receiving minimum allowances 
  • Young people under 26 years of age in great difficulty 
  • Disabled workers 


Integration enterprise

Integration enterprises are very small companies operating in the commercial sector and are subject to the same tax, legal and economic requirements as any other company. What sets them apart is their purpose: the social and work integration of people excluded from the labour market.

Our Integration Workshops and Workcamps

Integration Workshops and Workcamps (ACI Ateliers et Chantiers d’Insertion) offer support to unemployed people with specific social and professional difficulties, in particular through employment within organisations or for clients. They are often a first step towards readaptation to the labour market.

Our temporary work integration companies

Temporary work integration companies use temporary work as a means of integration. They offer assignments within client companies, but also social and professional follow-up and support.

Our companies for integration through self-employment

A pioneer in this national experiment, Groupe SOS has taken up the EITI plan (Integration Companies through Independent Activity) to assist business creators in social difficulties who wish to make a living from their activity, in rural areas in need of revitalisation or in disadvantaged urban areas. The EITI puts self-employed workers in touch with clients in order to develop their turnover and supports them towards actual management and social independence.

Our intermediary organisations

The intermediary organisations welcome people then follow up and support employees in order to facilitate their social integration and find the conditions for a sustainable work integration. Employment is achieved by making these people available to natural or legal persons on a paid basis. This flexible scheme allows beneficiaries to be exposed to different  fields.

Our Integration through Economic Activity structures

Brasserie Dulion 

The Dulion Brewery is a pioneer in the brewing of unmalted local cereals. This innovation makes it possible to significantly reduce energy, raw material and water transport. It enables the creation of original recipes connected to regional channels on all types of cereals. 

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Oméga Restauration

Oméga Restauration is a social integration company that prepares and delivers meals for vulnerable groups. Convinced that food and employment are essential social issues, Oméga Restauration promotes the vision of a quality and sustainable cuisine in Lorraine by integrating employees on integration programmes, offering them a training course and a steppingstone to a sustainable job.

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Té – Créateur d’Instants

Créateur d’Instants is a high-end events company that designs and organises receptions in collaboration with passionate chefs and craftsmen via its brand Le Traiteur . Créateur d’instants also offers exceptional gastronomic services in two exclusive locations: the Pavillon Elysée and the Usine .

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The Scilicet bar is an establishment that offers healthy, responsible and accessible food in a popular, friendly and open space.

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Manufacture de Légumes

La Manufacture de Légumes processes fresh vegetables to facilitate the work of collective catering and secures the income of local farmers by upcycling their sorting waste.

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Altermundi stores offer a different way to buy. Through fair-trade, Altermundi offers the best of ethical, responsible and made in France brands.

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TAA Services

TAA Services is a multi-service company for professionals and private customers that operates in 6 areas: housekeeping, laundry-pressing-sewing, renovation, gardening, temporary work and industrial subcontracting. It is a committed organisation, which champions an economically responsible and socially committed project. TAA Services is both a social integration company, a temporary work company and an intermediary organisation.

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Our Integration Workshops and Workcamps


The AAPEJ (Association for Assistance and Protection of Children and Youth) operates 1 organic market gardening ACI and 1 beekeeping ACI for people distant from employment, and 2 market gardening ACIs, in collaboration with the prison services, for people under judicial supervision. The group dynamics and agriculture or beekeeping are mediums to develop skills and self-esteem.

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The AIPI (Initiation, Production and Integration Workshop) runs integration projects for social housing providers, local authorities and private individuals, or as a subcontractor for companies that are required to provide integration hours in construction. It can potentially operate throughout the Ile-de-France region, ensuring that its employees’ commute makes sense.

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ANDES works for the long-term integration of vulnerable groups by developing innovative solutions around quality food. Through four integration workcamps, ANDES collects fruit and vegetables, reconditions and distributes them to food aid organisations, while enabling people who are distant from employment to train and work.

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Brigades Nature

Brigades Nature is made up of three structures that work for biodiversity, environmental protection and the promotion of natural heritage. In conjunction with various local players, Brigades Nature works steadfastly to serve priority jobseekers.

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The Crescendo ICA trains for different professions: assistant-educator for young children, hospital housekeeper, assistant nurse. It includes three sections: 

  • A sandwich course with a training course provided by the Greta (adult continuing education) and a vocational apprenticeship in the field supervised by a tutor in a daycare center, a retirement home, a nursing home or a hospital. 
  • Social and vocational follow-up with a work integration advisor. 
  • Individual support and group workshops with partners from the cultural sphere. These sessions focus on motivation and self-esteem issues.

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ACTA VISTA uses the restoration of endangered historical heritage as a lever to help disadvantaged people build a professional future. This action is based on 3 pillars: 

  • Training and passing on know-how 
  • Helping people find work 
  • Professionally restoring unique sites and bringing them back to life 

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Mlezi Maore

The Mlezi Maore SIAE helps people who are very distant from employment to define and implement career plans in agriculture, window display, landscaping and building services within collective interest projects. The different workshops offered provide a supportive environment that allows each person to progress at their own pace within a collective motivational activity.

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Our other initiatives

Germinal, Integration Enterprise through Independent Work (EITI)

Since 1995, Germinal has been helping entrepreneurs with social difficulties to finance their projects through interest-free and unsecured loans. In 2020, Germinal broadened its services by developing participatory financing and by creating an EITI. The aim is to enable entrepreneurs to develop their turnover thanks to a range of services provided by the EITI as part of a 4 to 24 months support programme. In each region, Germinal’s goal is to be part of a process of rapid development of economic activity, particularly in sectors under pressure, to generate an impact on the ecological transition and local social cohesion.

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Ysos, intermediary organisation

YSOS is an organisation specialising in societal innovation for an equitable and sustainable inclusion for all. It operates in the Eure and Orne regions and provides a laboratory for social and local innovations for its partners (government services, local authorities, companies, the HLM movement, non-profits, etc.). It designs solutions adapted to the issues of reception and support in a limited timeframe and at a controlled cost.

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