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With its hospitals, Groupe SOS complements public services and helps maintain needed healthcare in areas sometimes threatened by the progression of “care deserts” in France. We are also campaigning for the reappreciation of medical and social professions. 

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Healthcare Advocacy 

Groupe SOS hospitals, located mainly in eastern and northern France, were hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis. Their teams have shown extraordinary tenacity and ability to innovate in order to adapt to exceptional circumstances and have done a wonderful job.   

Now is the time to draw conclusions from this health crisis, as well as from the flaws it has revealed in the French hospital model. With this in mind, Groupe SOS is putting forward its Healthcare Advocacy for a more innovative, more efficient healthcare system that is more responsive to its practitioners, patients and regions.  

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Adapting healthcare services to each region 

Since 2019, we have been opening Sleep Centres in our hospitals in Thionville, Château-Salins and Paris to provide solutions to sleeping disorders that currently affect 1 in 3 French people, and which have consequences on daytime life. This enables us to respond to the need for local care, just as we did in 2018 with the opening of 2 Obesity Centers in Mont-Saint-Martin and Le Creusot. That same year, the Saint-Avold Hospital addressed a deficiency in prostate cancer screenings in this town in Moselle. In addition to regular prevention services, the hospital was one of the first in France to adopt a 3D technology combining the advantages of MRI and ultrasound for early treatment. In June 2019, the Creusot Hospital acquired a surgical robot, the first in Saône-et-Loire, and the Villiers-sur-Marne Functional Rehabilitation Centre took care of a patient who had lost his hand and assisted him with his myoelectric prosthesis project, a first for the hospital. 

In addition to providing local services, our hospitals have become national references in their fields.