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African forum for Social and Solidarity Economy (FORA’ESS) : promoting an inclusive and sustainable economy in Africa

30 May 2024 • NEWS

The first African Forum on the Social Solidarity Economy (FORA’ESS) is being held from 31 May to 1 June in Yaoundé, Cameroon. This pan-African event brings together SSE players, governments, international organisations and the private sector. The aim? To provide a forum for exchanges with a view to promoting and consolidating the various models of the Social Solidarity Economy in Africa. Groupe SOS, for whom the Social Solidarity Economy is an essential driving force in the transition to a fairer and more sustainable world, is a partner of the Forum.  

According to Pauline Effa, member of the international advisory board of Groupe SOS and referent for the Social and Solidarity Economy in Cameroon and Africa, “Africa must invest in its dynamic human capital, made up mainly of women and young people, to develop local economic solutions by making the most of the potential of its territories. Local social and solidarity economy networks (RELESS) play a crucial role in supporting these grassroots players. It is essential to strengthen this human potential through appropriate support.”

Groupe SOS acts and supports SSE players in many african countries

Groupe SOS is active in over 50 countries around the world in the fight against exclusion, particularly in many African countries. Its international NGOs and social enterprises operate through partnerships with local players or through direct intervention in some fifteen countries on the continent. Its teams are actively involved in concrete ways:   

  • Promoting access to healthcare for all through Santé Sud ;   
  • Protecting forests and biodiversity through Planète Urgence;   
  • Supporting entrepreneurs in impact projects through PULSE;   
  • Fostering social and economic inclusion through PPI-People Power Inclusion; 
  • Fighting stereotypes and promoting dialogue between communities through PLAY International, etc.   

Focus on PPI-People Power Inclusion: an international NGO set up in 1998, PPI’s mission is to support SSE players in their access to finance and markets. In Africa, it is particularly active in Egypt, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire and Madagascar.

Groupe SOS is committed to shaping the social and solidarity economy on an international scale

Convinced that the Social Solidarity Economy is an essential driving force in the transition to a more sustainable and fairer world, Groupe SOS is calling for frameworks to be put in place to encourage its development. The United Nations resolution of 18 April 2023, enshrining the SSE as the socio-economic model best suited to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, is a step in this direction.    

Groupe SOS heads up the permanent secratariat of Pact for Impact, an alliance that aims to put governments and local authorities in touch with all organisations committed to the Social Solidarity Economy. The ambition? To allocate 10% of the global economy to the service of a fairer, more inclusive and more environmentally friendly society. In other words, to invest resources commensurate with the UN’s sustainable development objectives for 2030

The Pact for Impact alliance is now working to promote the adoption of legal frameworks and tools for the SSE, to enable the emergence of social and ecological innovations

Our Manifesto for a systemic approach to international development

Today, less than 30 countries recognise the SSE in law and support it. Yet at international, European, national and local levels, it is possible to structure the SSE. We need to create ecosystems conducive to the SSE in the 160 countries that do not have them.  

Discover the manifesto


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