Our activities

Local Action

The ambition of Groupe SOS is to build solutions to develop and improve local life. Be it revitalising deprived areas, boosting citizen participation or responding to the new challenges faced by each area, Groupe SOS develops methods of action that are adapted to the needs of each community.

These solutions are aimed at local inhabitants, who are involved in the elaboration of solutions that are relevant to them. 

Revitalising deprived areas

Committed to helping solve regional divide, Groupe SOS is particularly mindful of rural areas and priority neighbourhoods.

1000 cafés

1000 cafés’ goal is to open, support and maintain multi-service friendly spaces in communities of less than 3,500 inhabitants that no longer have a café, or are in danger of losing it.


Quartiers Cafés

The ambition of “Quartiers Cafés” is to support local businesses in neighbourhoods labelled as priority areas, which have projects or ideas that help develop social ties.


L’Abbaye de Saint-Sever de Rustan

The ambition of Groupe SOS for this emblematic heritage site in the northern Hautes-Pyrénées is to make it a drop-in centre and a place that welcomes initiatives working for the common good, where people come together, share, and create.

L’EHPAD Café de Cadalen

In Cadalen (Tarn), a solidarity and citizen café will open its doors in the Saint-François nursing home, located in the town centre. It will be managed in collaboration with the inhabitants and enlivened by the contributions of local players.

Responding to new local challenges

In a fast-changing society, challenges are always evolving, and each community is faced with specific needs. Groupe SOS assists the transition of regions and local authorities.

Geolink Expansion

Since 2010, Geolink Expansion has been connecting and supporting local communities and private entrepreneurs to promote their economic development and generate positive sustainable impacts.


Encouraging citizen engagement

An area with a good quality of life can only be built with the people who live and work in it.


Hacktiv develops citizen engagement, thanks to digital technology, especially via white label platforms for local communities.


Simple Maps

Simple Maps is a digital platform enabling the rediscovery of the richness of local cultural and natural heritage, as well as the know-hows and products of local artisans, storekeepers and farmers.