Marginalised women

Integrating women into the labour market

Inequalities between men and women are prevalent in our society, including in the labour market. To move towards gender equality in this area, Groupe SOS works to promote female employment and entrepreneurship.

To achieve this, we implement innovating programmes that take into account the specific issues faced by women and that can hinder their access to employment.

For employees

In order to reduce the gender pay gap, Groupe SOS is implementing several programmes to facilitate women’s access to employment. These programmes take into account each person’s distinctiveness and the problems they may face as women.


Through its Estim’Emploi programme, Joséphine supports women who are very distant from employment and in insecure circumstances towards finding a job. Thanks to a comprehensive care programme offered by the Joséphine team, the barriers to employment are addressed: parenthood, the digital divide, language barriers, self-esteem and self-confidence, etc. The team endeavours to help women overcome each barrier so they can find a job and a place in society.


Odyssée is an integration support project that aims to motivate, remove barriers and integrate 350 people into the professional world, notably 175 women with few qualifications and quite distant from employment from three priority neighbourhoods of the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolitan area (Micocouliers, Marseille Sud, Aix-en-Provence) and who are struggling to find employment through the current integration schemes.


The Romanian non-profit Ateliere Fără Frontiere is dedicated to the social and professional inclusion of the most marginalised groups. Through its Remesh workshop, it trains women who are distant from employment to recycle advertising materials and to transform them into promotional bags, fashion accessories and 100% recycled home decoration items. The products are then sold to companies, mostly those that provided the material to be recycled, in a circular economy approach. 

Female entrepreneurship

To give everyone the same opportunities to set up innovative projects, Groupe SOS is rolling out several programmes to encourage, support and facilitate the setting up of positive impact projects led by women.

To give everyone the same opportunities to set up innovative projects, Groupe SOS is rolling out several programmes to encourage, support and facilitate the setting up of positive impact projects led by women.


In France, only 11 of the 100 largest players in the cultural sector are headed by women*, even though they represent the majority in this sector. This is why Creatis, SOS’s culture and media incubator, is launching Source, a new programme for inspired women entrepreneurs who are distant from the media or culture ecosystem and who have already created their structure or wish to do so. Through this programme, Creatis hopes to encourage female callings, put an end to the impostor syndrome, diversify content production, facilitate potentially decisive encounters, give confidence to female project leaders and thus bring about the emergence of a new generation of female entrepreneurs who develop projects with a strong social impact.

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Elles ensemble

#Elles Ensemble is a programme for women entrepreneurs of social change. It supports actions in favour of the economic and social transition, which focus on social and economic impact, and which are active in their neighbourhood and region. After three successful editions in Seine-Saint-Denis, the #Elles Ensemble programme is spreading to Marseille, with the aim of supporting young people and women from priority urban areas. #Elles Ensemble is a high value-added support programme, which includes group workshops, coaching and numerous events, with the aim of sustaining and developing entrepreneurial projects.

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People Power Inclusion

In developing countries, People Power Inclusion (PPI) aims to create sustainable development dynamics for disadvantaged populations, in particular women and young people. By relying on the local associative or institutional network, this NGO has devised support schemes for female micro-entrepreneurs and designed and implemented services adapted to their needs. These schemes can consist in efficient support or incubation programmes that reinforce the structuring of female business projects by offering an environment and tools that are beneficial to the sustainable development of their economic activity. For instance, in Senegal, the lack of appropriate training structures in the digital creative industry makes it difficult for women artists to become professionals. This contributes to the isolation of women artists and hinders their development and the possibility of making a living from their passion and art. Therefore, PPI has launched the Digitelles programme. It supports women artists in the creation and development of their creative activity in 4 specific areas: Photo/Video, Graphic design, Deejaying and Computer assisted music.

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